Romano Autogas SRL was the first Italian autogas manufacturer to introduce the sequential injection systems using AEB electronics, since then they have grown to become the third largest Italian manufacturer supplying the autogas industry worldwide.


LIMA, an lpg autogas equipment manufacturer based in Southampton, has been distributing its systems in the UK since March and currently supplies to a number of other countries, including Belgium, Germany and Australia.


OMVL is a leading player in the alternative fuel vehicles sector, designing, manufacturing and marketing complete fuelling systems for gas-propelled vehicles and for the conversion of engines from petrol to CNG and LPG.
Established in 1980 at Argelato near Bologna, OMVL was acquired by Juniper Engines Inc. in 2010. Juniper, a natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engine and fuel system provider, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of natural gas engine and fuel system developer Westport Innovations Inc. Juniper is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with sales and engineering support located in North America, Europe and Asia.
The OMVL manufacturing premises are based in Pernumia, Italy, while commercial branches or production plants are located in Argentina.