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Three good reasons to use LPG:

  • It is cheaper

  • It is greener

  • It is cleaner

This is the current price of LPG within 5 miles of our workshop in Bristol:


LPG is certainly one of the cleanest fuels in the market because its simple chemical composition means it is a very clean burning fuel.

This is important for the quality of the air you breathe. Particulates accumulate in your lungs and an LPG engine was shown in recent European tests to emit substantially fewer particulates than a diesel one. And the emission of nitrogen oxide – which can damage your lungs and health – was demonstrated to be 20 times less in an LPG vehicle than in a diesel.

Not only can you save money, you may even help to save the planet by converting. The main pollutant linked to the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide (CO2) and recent extensive tests showed that CO2 emissions are 20% less when compared to petrol and nearly 2% less than diesel.

A LPG-fuelled engine is about 50% quieter than a diesel one.

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