Zavoli Srl is an Italian company based in Cesena (FC), world leader in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of LPG and CNG equipment for the automotive industry. Founded in 1993, Zavoli Srl has since grown with special dynamism, becoming in a short period of time one of the sector leading companies at an international level. Research and development, innovation and quality are the basic principles inspiring the the company mission. Zavoli Srl employs approximately 80 dislocated in 3 separate buildings and covering a total area of 10,000 m2, of which 5,000 are sheltered. Zavoli Srl’s production is of approximately 200,000 LPG and CNG conversion systems per year.


Italian producers of systems for the conversion of vehicles to gas are the industry’s leaders at the global level, and the Made in Italy of Bigas is a synonym for quality, reliability and precision. Appreciated more and more on the international market, the Made in Italy of Bigas is the perfect synthesis of Italian excellence in the field of mechanics.

Bigas can count on a production process whose value is universally recognised, and thus the company remains the Italian point of reference for business partners, distributors and drivers all over the world.