LPG Conversion Prices / Quote

Estimated Sequential LPG Installation System starting prices:


After 8 years of not putting our prices up, and with increasing costs inc the NEW UKLPG insurance register charges , our prices are going up june 2019, as below:


Premium System                       Recommended for cars newer than 2008 includes adaptive self learning.
Quality System                           Will fit most cars but not stop start
Budget System                            Great if your on a budget with an older car.

All Direct injection engines, Fsi Tfsi etc click HERE…. PRICES IN RED

4 cylinder

£1500.. £1250 ..£1150.. £1050

6 cylinder

£1750..   £1450 ..£1350.. £1200      Nissan elgrands £1550

8 cylinder*

£1900..   £1600.. £1400.. £1250

10 and 12 cylinder cars       inc W12 engines and motorhomes

prices from £1800

All prices are including VAT

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