LPG Conversion Prices / Quote

Estimated Sequential LPG Installation System starting prices:


After 8 years of not putting our prices up, and with increasing costs inc the NEW UKLPG insurance register charges , our prices are going up june 2023, as below:


Premium System                       Recommended for cars newer than 2008 includes adaptive self learning.
Quality System                           Will fit most cars but not stop start

All Direct injection engines, Fsi Tfsi etc click HERE…. PRICES IN RED list of possible cars HERE::

4 cylinder

£1700.. £1350 ..£1250..

6 cylinder

£1900..   £1650 ..£1500.. Nissan elgrands £1700

8 cylinder*

£2000..   £1800.. £1650..

10 and 12 cylinder cars       inc W12 engines and motorhomes

prices from £2100

All prices are including VAT